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Date fruits- MAZAFATI

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Features of Bam Mazafati dates

This date has a large amount of potassium in its natural structure. That is why Bam Mazafati dates can be considered as a treatment for diarrhea. One of the most important and major products of Iranian dates can be called Rotab Mazafati dates. These dates are soft dates. Bam Mazafati dates are in great demand both domestically and internationally.
The color of this date generally tends to dark purple and black. It also has wonderful meat, nectar and taste. The amount of moisture in the crop varies depending on the location of the field, cultivation and harvest. The size of the good type of this type of date is between 2.5 to 4.5 cm.

How to determine the quality of this type of date?

Do this to determine the quality of this date. The higher the juice content of a date, the higher the quality and grade of Bam Mazafati dates.
The weight of each box of Bam Mazafati dates is 8.5 kg to 9 kg and the export date is 7 to 7.30 kg. Bam Mazafati dates are useful for treating diarrhea due to their high potassium content. The point that should be considered when using dates is that they must be washed well before consumption. Because the juice that is placed on the skin of the date becomes sticky. Which causes it to absorb any kind of pollution.


Advantages of Mazafati dates

1-Researchers say that eating dates alone or with dairy products, including milk, is very beneficial for bruising and fatigue caused by fasting or strenuous activity.
2- Dates have fibers that are very effective in reducing fat and providing protein.
3- The latest scientific research shows that dates are effective in eliminating violence and calming their souls.
4- Due to having mucilage and pectic substances, it soothes cough, and has the effect of relieving chest discomfort. To do this, they prepare 50 grams of decoction in half a liter of sweet water, which is useful for chest pain.
5 – Dates can be effective in improving paralysis, back pain and joint discomfort.
6- It is said that the decoction of dates in breast milk softens, ‘cures the kidneys’ and prevents inflammation, infectious diseases and hair loss.
7- Mixing dates with fresh milk is very effective in increasing and strengthening sexual power.
8- According to the evidence, in areas where the consumption of dates is high, this fruit can be effective in preventing cancer.
9- In some books of traditional medicine, dates are mentioned as blood-forming, which is very useful for people with a bad mood.
10. Dates neutralize excess stomach acid. It is very beneficial for the elderly and children.
11- The miraculous effect of date kernel is to eliminate the swelling of the eyelids. For this purpose, they make an ointment from date kernel and put it on the eye. This ointment is also the best medicine for eyelash growth….

Spinas Tejarat Pasargad Company, one of the largest exporters of dates, exports Iranian Bam Mazafati Rotab to regional and European countries. For direct purchase from the factory and bulk purchase for export of Mazafati dates in Bam with the best price and quality, please contact us.

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